About Us

      Peter established Central Garden Services in 2007 to provide a garden maintenance service to the central Auckland suburbs of Mt Eden, Balmoral, Epsom, Mt Roskill, Sandringham, 3 Kings, Greenlane, One Tree Hill, Morningside, Onehunga  and Royal Oak. Other areas by arrangement.

 Reid took over in October 2012 and retired in November 2019.

 Duncan is carrying on the tradition of providing the excellent service to our existing clients and is welcoming new clients.

       Experienced, reliable and friendly Duncan enjoys working with his clients to achieve a reasonably priced tidy up or makeover of your gardens with new plants as well as offering a range of general gardening tasks such as trimming,  pruning of roses, shrub and ornamental plant shaping, full clean up, planting,  weed mat laying, cutting hedges, mulching, watering,  fertilizer application, spraying for insect, disease or fungal control, applying organic weedkiller or chemical weedkiller  both selective and non selective, moss and mould control, weeding, trimming of small to medium sized trees, lawns and advice.

      Please call Duncan on 021 252 0303 for more information. Alternately send an email from the " contact us " page.